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Through the Oblivion Tube

“Time” is not just a mental concept or a mathematical abstraction in the desert. The rocks in the distance are ageless; they have been deposited in layers over hundreds of thousands of years. “Time” takes on a physical presence."      -Nancy Holt.


Through the Oblivion Tube is a media fusion project combining sculpture, performance, and photography. The Oblivion Tube is a hallow, wooden form 15” long and about as large as a human face. This form acts as a telescope-like viewfinder device, but what is seen through the device is the image of a point in time moving into the past. In my mind this moment is the cusp of oblivion. Oblivion is defined as the state of being  completely forgotten or unknown. I see oblivion as a place that can’t be visited. Much like a black hole, oblivion is a vacuum that eats endless amounts. It is a dimension all of its own. The Oblivion Tube is designed to observe a moment in time that is being sucked away into nonexistence. The viewer holds the hole of the tube to her/his eye and can see the moment at hand as it transitions into the forgotten landscape.




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